About Us

Feel Good. Look Good. Repeat.

Who We Are

At our core we believe that when you feel good you look good -- in that order. The Maiden Collective was founded with that in mind. We pride ourselves on our ability to carefully curate complete looks that make everyday fashion seem effortless and feel amazing.

Whitney & Kaytlin

Our Founders

Hey Everyone! We're Whitney and Kaytlin Maiden and we're the founders of the Maiden Collective. Growing up, despite being 7 years apart, we always loved being together -- hanging out, scheming, laughing, dressing up, being weird, you get it.... We were thick as thieves. More than a decade later nothing has changed except our style (which, thankfully, has improved).

We have leaned on each other many times in our lives and feel blessed to have the sisterhood we do. Supporting each other and all other women is one of our highest priorities and one of our core convictions for this brand.

With very different body types and slightly different styles, we founded the Maiden Collective with a goal of curating products that are comfortable and easy to wear, with a timeless perspective on everyday fashion. We want people to feel good first and the look good part will follow.

Thanks for being here and welcome to the fam.

Meet Whitney

Whitney has spent the last 10 years working in brand strategy for big companies in categories ranging from lawn & garden to fashion retail. Last year she decided to take a step away from corporate culture to pursue a more entrepreneurial path and focus on living a healthier life, physically and mentally.

She likes to think of herself as a hybrid between Kathleen Kelly and Lady Bret, she's watched you've got mail over 100 times and she has two lovely dogs named after characters from the show Cheers (Norm & Cliff). She's a big fan of old t-shirts, lipstick, Larry Bird highlights, Billie Holiday, and greenhouses.

She's an OU Bobcat (undergrad) and an OSU Buckeye (grad), who insists to anyone who will listen that Athens and Columbus are two of the most magical cities in the country.

One of the things that's most important for Whitney is living a genuine life with genuine people in it and she'll bring that same focus/energy to the Maiden Collective business.

Meet Kayt

Since moving to Columbus in 2018, after graduating from Ohio University, Kayt has been working as a Pediatric Nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. While making the transition to work on a new unit at the end of 2020, it became clear to her that there remained a creative void in her life. She had always found joy and passion in the fashion industry and prided herself on being the ‘friend’ that was turned to for current style and trends. Together, with her sister Whitney, she has entered the entrepreneur world and is looking forward to connecting with people through the platform of fashion. 

When she isn’t frequenting the Easton Town Center, you can find her playing with her 2 year old Dalmatian, Brewer, watching a gripping crime docuseries, or drinking a heavily poured glass of Rose. She is excited for this new chapter of her life and looking forward to growing with the Maiden Collective.

What We Care About

Women supporting other women. It's simple. When women empower and support one another they create an environment that empowers everyone around them. As a collective group, women have consistently championed compassion, fairness and equality yet we continue to fight for our place as prominent, prolific leaders today. We want every woman and girl to realize the dreams they’ve fostered and become whatever version of themselves they want to be -- and we're committed to making it happen.

Our Partners

Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX) began as a research study in 2006 at The Ohio State University. Founder, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, was a full-time faculty member in Counselor Education and wanted to create a program that helped girls successfully navigate the challenges that they face during their adolescent years. Years of working with girls in school and community settings showed Lisa that these challenges -- such as drops in self-esteem, dealing with girl bullying, unhealthy dating relationships and sexual violence, lack of strong friendships and support systems and limited academic and career expectations left girls at a disadvantage.

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2011, ROX is now the national non-profit leader in programming, research and education focused on girls.

The Maiden Collective donates 5% of all profits to ROX in an effort to support the ongoing promotion and development of women in Central Ohio and across the country. Follow the link below to learn more.